I took a reasonably large dose of Nick’s cactus a couple of weeks ago, and over the following 16 hours experienced a very deep opening up and re-connection with my emotions. 

Nick gave me a sample of his Bolivian Torch cactus, explained very carefully how to take it, the preparation in terms of diet, where to take it, and what to expect, etc. I had been to Peru a year earlier and taken San Pedro cactus (another type of cactus containing mescaline), so was expecting something of a similar experience – a mild, pleasant, gentle experience, but not especially transformational or powerful (at least for me).

This experience was of a different order. It started gently, with beautiful waves of subtle bliss; and as it came on, there were colours and geometric shapes, seen both with my eyes open and closed. Gradually, large flows of energy started coursing through my body, from the soles of my feet up into my chest and head.I started to cry -  actually it was deep sobbing – and I just sat there crying for a long time. A whole lot of painful memories came up with it. I haven’t cried like that for a very long time. When the crying subsided, I felt better, more at peace, and just less agitated. It felt good – it seemed like a huge chunk of grief had been dislodged by the cactus and had been flushed out of me.

From my limited experience with plant medicines, I have come to the conclusion that is the quality and potency of the medicine that is most important, and not the fact it is being taken in South America in the setting and cultural tradition where these plants have traditionally been used, which to some extent I had previously believed. I went all the way to Peru assuming I would get the most potent medicine there, and in fact, I ended up getting stronger medicine with a far more potent healing effect from someone who lives a few suburbs away.

Nick is very knowledgeable about his plants, is really friendly and down-to earth, and is very thorough in how he prepares you for his medicine. Most importantly, for me anyway, his cactus is potent. It is a different variety – Bolivian torch – and it is far more powerful than the San Pedro cactus in Peru in my experience. Seeing psychedelic colours and shapes is nice, but it is not why I’m taking plant medicine – I’m taking it to help me with long-term emotional issues. This cactus penetrated through my defenses and connected me with my emotions in a way that other kinds of medicine just haven't done yet.

I definitely hope to take more of this cactus because, for me at least, it worked. I am someone who is very blocked emotionally; and the fact Nick’s cactus pushed that aside pretty easily, got down into me and, and to some degree, unraveled and loosened the ball of trapped emotion inside me, and enabled me to feel a genuine release and some kind of healing, has given me hope that maybe plant medicine will help me.


Michael Golders, Sydney


Nick at Elderlie Plant Medicine continues to assist me through a transitional period in my life. These plants have helped me help myself and it is clear to me that they offer real spiritual, physical and mental healing.


EPM has offered me sound and caring advice regarding the use of these plants - and has never pushed me in a direction I didn’t want or need to go. The EPM team are a valuable ally in my individual growth and to the success of the alternative medicine community, within Australia, as a whole.


With the revelation of these plants we pursue the less trodden path, it is hard but equally rewarding. It assures me greatly to have Elderslie Plant Medicine along for the journey. Thank you Nick.


Brian C - Sth Coast NSW


Nick has been a wonderful facilitator of knowledge during my journey into personal growth. Nick has first hand experience with some of the most powerful plants around and shares his wisdom in a manner which is very positive. 


I never felt pressured nor wary of the medicine and advice provided by Nick. I had many questions prior to my experience and Nick was prompt and very helpful with guiding me thru my journey. My experience with the cactus was powerful and indescribable at times. 10+ hours of profound introspection has lead me to continue to strive for the better.


After the experience, Nick debriefed with me. This really helped with the processing and planted the seeds for future explorations. 


Nick, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.




I worked with Nick for a number of months as he had introduced me to the healing power of Acacia.


What I found incredible about this medicine is it would always bring up the one thing I had on my mind that day, or something that I needed to resolve and would help me see the truth of that issue.


Through doing this medicine I learnt to really connect with mother nature and embrace my femininity, which was huge for me.


I found the space that Nick held during these healings really calming and he knew when I needed my space and respected that. I could see his deep respect for this medicine and how that transmuted into the space he held. 



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